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K-F Power Hitch

The Kingsley-Fisher Power Hitch

No mobile home Toter is complete without the Kingsley-Fisher Power Hitch, the industry standard for over 30 years. Our hitches are available in a variety of 2-Way, 4-Way, and 6-Way models and are easily installed on your truck or dozer by our trained professionals. Every Kingsley-Fisher Power Hitch comes with a full 1-Year warranty and lifetime support from our professional service staff.

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6-Way Hitches

Our most popular product and the industry standard, the K-F Precision Truck 6-Way is the ultimate tool for mobile home towing and set-up.

Our 6-Way hitches will cut set-up times in half with an in-and-out travel distance of 20 inches, horizontal travel of either 32 or 44 inches, and vertical travel of up to 72 inches.

Call today to speak to a member of our sales staff and discover why the K-F Precision Truck 6-Way is America's best selling hitch!

4-Way Hitches

The K-F Precision Truck 4-Way power hitch combines the versatility of a 6-Way hitch with the economy of our 2-Way product. 4-Way hitches travel 32 inches from side to side and either 48 or 72 inches vertically. 16 and 20 inch flat-top models are also available.

2-Way Hitches

For those with simpler transport needs, our 2-Way K-F Precision Truck power hitches provide vertical travel from 16 to 72 inches. Vertical hitches are ideal for those customers who specialize in factory-to-dealer transporting. Our flat-top models are ideal for those who want to maintain a 5th wheel on their truck.

Dozer Hitches

Select models of our 2-Way and 4-Way K-F Precision Truck power hitches can be mounted on dozers to accommodate the needs of our customers with this type of equipment.

Hydraulic Mirrors

Hydraulic Mirror

Setting a mobile home or mobile office has never been easier with the use of our hydraulic mirrors. Every set features in-cab controls and is customized for any truck make and model. Optional lighting is available to meet DOT and/or state specific requirements. We also offer manual mirror sets. Both our hydraulic and manual mirror bars are protected by a full 1-Year warranty. 

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Hydraulic and Manual Mirrors

Our extendable mirror bars are custom built to fit your conventional or cab-over truck and greatly improve visibility when transporting and setting mobile homes and mobile offices.




Hydraulic Mirror Features

  • Extend to 18 Feet Wide in Just 6 Seconds
  • Heated and Lighted Electric Power Mirror Heads
  • In-Cab Controls and Optional Lighting Available

Manual Mirror Features

  • Extendable to 16 or 18 Feet Wide
  • Featuring Standard West Coast Mirrors
  • Optional Power Mirror Heads and Lighting Available

Other Quality Products

Power Lifting System

The K-F Precision Power Lifting System is a quick and safe method for lifting modular homes and is the most efficient way to move modular homes from the factory floor to transporting trailers or axles. The complete system includes a minimum of four jacks with a combined lifting capacity of 120,000 pounds, as well as flow dividers and safety check valves to enable homes to be raised evenly from front to rear. Power Lifting Systems are available with either gasoline or electric power units and are also protected by a full 1-Year warranty.

Parts and Accessories

Precision Truck understands that sometimes you need a pintle hook, pump and motor, switch, or other part for your Toter, and fast! That's why we keep a complete inventory of parts and accessories on hand in our centrally located Illinois facility. Every part stocked by Precision is both affordable and of the highest quality. Best of all, most parts can be shipped overnight so your equipment can be operating smoothly again in no time. To order, call 800-358-3073 and speak to a salesperson.