k-F 6-Way and 4-Way Power HitchEs

  • 6-Way Hitches
    Our most popular product and the industry standard, the K-F Precision Truck 6-Way is the ultimate tool for mobile home towing and set-up. Our 6-Way hitches will cut set-up times in half with an in-and-out travel distance of 20 inches, horizontal travel of either 32 or 44 inches, and vertical travel of up to 72 inches. Call today to speak to a member of our sales staff and discover why the K-F Precision Truck 6-Way is America's best selling hitch!
  • 4-Way Hitches
    The K-F Precision Truck 4-Way power hitch combines the versatility of a 6-Way hitch with the economy of our 2-Way product. 4-Way hitches travel 32 inches from side to side and either 48 or 72 inches vertically. 16 and 20 inch flat-top models are also available.

K-F Vertical and Dozer Hitches

  • 2-Way Hitches
    For those with simpler transport needs, our 2-Way K-F Precision Truck power hitches provide vertical travel from 16 to 72 inches. Vertical hitches are ideal for those customers who specialize in factory-to-dealer transporting. Our flat-top models are ideal for those who want to maintain a 5th wheel on their truck. Speak to a salesperson today to find out which of our vertical hiches best suits the needs of your business!
  • Dozer Hitches
    Select models of our 2-Way and 4-Way K-F Precision Truck power hitches can be mounted on dozers to accomodate the needs of our customers with this type of equipment. Please speak to our sales staff for details on a dozer hitch configuration.

Every K-F Precison Truck Hitch Includes...

  • - 1-Year Hitch Warranty

  • - Lifetime Support from Our Professional Staff

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