Need a Toter? We Have Them!

Precision Truck Products offers a full inventory of ready to deliver mobile home Toters.

Need a truck fast? We stock several completed Toters at all times for customer convenience and we pride ourselves on quick delivery. Every pre-built Toter from Precision Truck comes with our outstanding 6-Way K-F Power Hitch, Supreme Cargo Bed, Hydraulic Mirrors, and complete DOT required light and sign package, all on a quality, late-model, low mileage cab and chassis. Best of all, most of our Toters can be customized to suit the specific needs of the individual customer. All are backed by a full 1-Year conversion warranty and a limited powertrain warranty. We also stock unbuilt new and used cabs and chassis that can be quickly converted to a custom Toter with your exact specifications. Our friendly sales staff also specializes in locating trucks for customers whose needs are not best served by our current inventory.

Standard Features

  • Quality, Late Model Trucks
  • Low Mileage and Quick Delivery
  • Full 1-Year Conversion Warranty
  • Limited Powertrain Warranty
  • 6-Way Kingsley Fisher Power Hitch
  • Supreme Cargo Bed
  • 18' Hydraulic Mirrors
  • Customized for Your Needs

Current Inventory


  • 2007 Freightliner CL120
  • NEW! Precision Water Trucks!
  • Caterpillar C-13, 430 HP
  • 367,000 Verified Miles
  • Insurance & Financing Available